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 The unofficial Cheech Biography 
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Post The unofficial Cheech Biography
Cheech: a lifelong story of fucking up the scene


This is the story about a geezer from Ostend, but having had residence in both Ghent and Leuven (as far as i can tell), going under the name of Cheech aka Darkland aka Grievous aka babidi aka ...
He's become a legend in our little country and especially on this forum for raising hell whenever he could. His exploits have raised outrage in the Belgian d&b-scene and he actually managed to get a whole forum raving mad at him. I've searched some of the historical events he set in motion, and written them down here. The idea of this little thread stems from the Haunted Souls thread, mentioned in Chapter 7. I've taken freely from various posts around this board to compile this little compendium.
It isn't an extensive collection but should i find other relevant information, it will probably be added here. This is in no way a chronological record. Chapters jump through time and often other threads posted here, are mentioned.
Please refrain from asking too many more questions about this shady figure because everybody on this forum is well sick of him, hearing of him, talking about him, thinking about him. Let this be Cheech's inaugural.
his myspace: http://www.myspace.com/grievous_darkland

Chapter 1: Subjunkz

The Start of Subjunkz

The Heights of this well respected crew

The Demise

Chapter 2 : Bassheadz

that party he organised, but never showed up. the same party where the dj's had to pay for their own drinks and i-witness had to save the day: Bassheadz Thread

Chapter 3 : cc-radio

The release note

Chapter 4 : darkland recordings/booking agency/first world tour

I'm not gonna bother. This is just one big hoax anyway. There's more darkland-agency posts on this forum than there are waterdrops in the sea.

Chapter 5 : Spaceballs

the first screw up

the riot: Even Robyn from Anger Management had to step in to clarify the situation which fueled the rest of this thread. If you're in for virtual warfare, read this.

Chapter 6 : Future Sickness

The World Tour: This one he didn't Cheech perse, but the fact he associated himself that strongly with Future Sickness while in fact he never was a member of that crew, has to be highlighted nonetheless.
Haunted Souls (CHEECHED): The last incident in this history so far. A massive read with loads of funny posts and offtopic banter. The most-read thread in the history of this forum which actually led to Kozzio giving a free keg because the thread reached 20000 views in just over a week. As a tribute, kozzio called his party: Totally Cheeched

Chapter 7: The Fire Extinguisher Incident..

... at Rumble: This is actually the oldest thread mentioning our protagonist. Not even by name, but he was one of the people who set a bad name for the Ostend-kru at that time.

Chapter 8: Chatting Up Girls Transglobally

Check this thread on DogsOnAcid!!!! Apparently he's in the game again, this time luring innocent Aussies to Belgium. Will this story ever have an end, let alone, a HAPPY one?

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Wed May 09, 2007 5:35 pm
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Post Re: The unofficial Cheech Biography
Chapter 9

taken from facebook :
Dear friends. Blue Motion is NOT a duo anymore.

I am sorry, that I have to tell you this, but there is no other way to solve this problem. I am really not glad to solve this in public, but as really a lot of people are asking me what is with Sven and Influenza, I just have to do this. The answer is: I really don't know. Or better I know as much as you do, because I am in the same situation as you. No sales reports, no info and not a fucking cent neither. And Sven is not here to answer and to solve this problem.TBH I was never a real part of Influenza, I was just listening to demos and telling my opinion. So please do not punish me and do not speak bad about me behind my back as Influenza was never really my biz.

And if you got the feeling, that you got fucked you are right! And I was fucked too ladies and gentleman. And you probably know who fucked us, or? Yes it was Sven. As according to the info which I got from Triple Vision, they paid him all the Influenza sales regularly. But the money got lost somewhere...

I really got nothing to do with this situation and I would also like to know some more answers and get my reports and sales. And I would also like to tell you that I really feel bad about this frown

Yes, we were a duo, but we are not a duo anymore. Since 2012 I am running Blue Motion alone !!! (and sometimes I got the feeling as I was "musicaly" running it alone the whole time.)

So please don't think bad about me, I was fucked too. I just want to clear up things as I feel really bad for the artist who released on Influenza and did not get their reports and sales.I am hearing a lot of negative stuff comming back to me. But people please Blue Motion got nothing to do with this!

Think most of the artist released on Influenza were already informed by Triple Vision and they know what to do.

Hope all the people who I worked with will forgive me all this trouble and they will stay open to work and talk to me in the future smile

Michal / Slovakia 2012 The NEW Blue Motion


Wed Oct 03, 2012 4:20 pm
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