We've had a good run but it's time to say goodbye!

The forum hasn't been active for a while and nowadays there are better ways to build a community of like-minded music lovers.
Thanks to all the people frequenting this forum in the past. It's been an honor hosting a platform where Belgian DNB heads could congregate and discuss our shared passion.

During the 20 years this forum was live, i've met tons of people telling me how they made friends here, how their life was changed and how thankful they are for this community. It made all the effort worthwhile and i can't thank you guys enough for expressing it and helping shape this site.

A big thanks to all the moderators/admins for spending part of their free time on keeping this place safe and clean and generally making sure this place was a good spot to hang out.
I've kept archives of this forum and all the party pictures, and maybe some day, i might be persuaded to set up a nostalgic photo album. But until then, i guess we'll meet somewhere else!

- cjpa